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The band has updated their promotional video!  Take a look by selecting one of the links shown below!


Note:   Please be aware of the very large file sizes.   Depending upon your connection speed, they may take several minutes to download:


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The videos listed above are the copyrighted property of GFR Ltd.  Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these videos is prohibited.


NOTE: This video is designed to be viewed with Windows Media Player.  If you need to install this player, click the link below:

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In December of 2001, the band participated in a photo shoot with the world-famous photographer Norman Seeff.  Many of his photographs are featured on this site.   In addition to still photography, Norman Seeff and his crew shot video during the photo shoot.  Some of the video is now available for downloading using the links provided below.  Keep in mind that these are large files, ranging from about 1 MB to almost 4 MB in size.

These videos give fans an opportunity to see and hear the band on a more personal level.  We hope you will enjoy the videos as much as the band enjoyed making them!

The following videos are streaming downloads of Real media.  If you do not have a player installed on your computer which will play these files, you can download a free version of their RealOne Player by clicking the graphic below and clicking the text which says "Download the Free RealOne Player Only":

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Click each image to download the associated video.


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"My hand hurts..."

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"We aren't gonna do this unless we come up with the right guys..."

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"We're doing this battle of the bands at Mr. Hot Dog..."

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"Mom, I'm gonna do that..."

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"My guitar is my voice..."

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"I thought the one in the middle was a girl..."

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"I got this song in my head,  you know, we gotta do it now..."

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"This Bud's for you..."

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"I need a cowbell..."

The videos listed above are the copyrighted property of GFR Ltd.  Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of these videos is prohibited.




If you're looking for a GFR-related video, check out Modern Drummer Magazine's video, Don Brewer Live at the Modern Drummer Festival 2000!!!  They have a VHS tape and a DVD of part of Don's performance with several other drummers, and a VHS tape of just Don!!

Get all the details at:

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"We're An American Band" has recently been used extensively by General Motors Corporation in support of their national "Overdrive" marketing campaign.  If you missed this ad, you can download it now by clicking the "Overdrive" graphic below.  The file size is 2,075KB, and you will need QuickTime to view this video.


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To download QuickTime, click the logo below:


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