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Promoters (talent buyers) like to hear from our fans that you want to see us put on our great show in your area.  Like all businessmen and women, they want to know that they have a market for their product.  In this case, it's a GFR show.  Contacts from fans can sometimes convince a promoter that there is sufficient demand for a band, and they will proceed with booking that act.

How do you find out who to contact?  We're looking at festivals, fairs, casinos, clubs with a minimum capacity of 2,000 seats, and larger venues.  Since you are probably very familiar with these types of venues in your respective areas, contact each venue and ask who books the bands for that particular venue.  Then, contact the promoter, by either telephone or e-mail, and request that they consider booking GFR.  Feel free to refer them to our Web site to view our promo video, show reviews, stage photos and letters from other promoters.  And, you can provide them with the information necessary to contact our booking agent:



124 12th Avenue South, Ste. 410

Nashville, TN 37203

Telephone 615.251.4400

Fax 615.251.4401



Once you have contacted the promoter, it's up to the promoter and our booking agent to see if something can be worked out.

We know that the fans of Grand Funk Railroad are the greatest rock fans in the world.  You have supported us through the years, and we have done our best to give you what you expect - a great rock and roll show.  We're still crankin' out the music you expect to hear and adding terrific new material.   Together, we're looking forward to making 2012 an even bigger and better year.


Grand Funk Railroad