12166-08.jpg (50198 bytes)MEL SCHACHER

Born April 8, 1951

A founding member of Grand Funk Railroad.

Raised in Flint, Michigan, Mel took an interest in music by playing his father’s banjo at age seven and moving on to guitar at age twelve.   At fourteen he was in a local trio playing bass at wedding receptions and parties and eventually played teen clubs and talent competitions with several local bands.   Replacing the bass player in the sixties pop band Question Mark and the Mysterians, Mel was touring the country at age sixteen supporting their hit "96 Tears".   Mel hooked up with Don Brewer and Mark Farner to form Grand Funk Railroad in 1968.   Considered the shy one, Mel’s unique bass delivery became a staple of Grand Funk recordings and concerts.  His huge "lead bass" style helped create the signature Grand Funk sound and his muscular approach to music has inspired countless musicians to blend rock-solid support punctuated with fluid riffs.

Mel lives in northern Michigan and his favorite pastime is working in his studio with friends and exceptional musicians.


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