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Grand Funk Railroad is proud to announce the establishment of an official mailing list!!  Now you can communicate easily with members of the band's "Family of Fans" using our "CyberFunkin'" list!

Here's the band's official invite message...


To All Friends of Grand Funk:

So fans can gather via the Internet, we have established a new official Grand Funk Railroad Mailing List, "CyberFunkin'".  This is a moderated list, and all people who join will need to agree with the rules.  We hope it will be a positive forum, one which fans of GFR from 1969 to the present can enjoy!

Grand Funk Railroad is Back and It's Bigger and Better Than Ever.  For the next two years, "We're Comin' To Your Town, We'll Help You Party It Down, We're An American Band!"


Don Brewer & Mel Schacher


What are the rules for this new moderated list?   Here are the Terms of Service...


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