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The American Band


Reviews from Mt. Pleasant

January 9, 2003



Denise of MI…

Loved BOTTLE ROCKET (new song)!   Cant wait to hear it again.  It really does work as the new intro.  Those of you who didn't get to be with us this will love it.

Mel looked waaaay cool ..all in black with the new Zon(all black).  Don's solo was unfunkin believable!  He just seems to get better and better.  Tim looked like he was having a blast, Max was working the crowd and had them right from the start.  SSB (Star Spangled Banner) was a show stopper as always.

...what a great show!


Rick of MO…

A few mintes later the lights went out and a new intro was played as the band began coming in one by one.  The new intro I later learned was written by Mel.  It is awesome, it features Mel on the steel guitar and the cello with some nice sound effects.

After the intro and opening jam the band broke right into their new song Bottle Rocket.  Let me tell you here and now that it is a major rocker, and in my honest opinion is the best new song they have come up with as of yet.   The entire crowd rose from their seats at the end of the song and was cheering and roaring with their approval.

Mel was dancing and prancing and showing off his brand new Zon bass.

Max is a great front man, he had the whole sold out crowd in the palm of his hands.

Don's drum solo was utterly fantastic.  He must surely be listening to the Live 71 Tour CD.  He keeps adding more to it and changing it up with each show, but still keeping the core of the solo intact.  That big smile never leaves his face during the entire perfomance.  It truly amazes me that he stiil has the energy and motivation to continue to pounds those drums with such speed and enthusiasm as he put into it.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Max adding the harmonica back in during Inside Looking Out...  Bruce has also turned this song into his own adding some of his own fantastic riffs.

Tim's mastery of the keyboards never ceases to amaze me, he was really into it during the show...the three part harmonies with Tim, Max and Don are the absolute best it could possibly be.

Overall I would say that if this first concert of 2003 was any indication of what is to be coming, we all in for some very entertaining energetic performances that will leave us wanting more, more and even more.   This was one of the best shows I have to yet.


Joe of WA…

A Kick Ass show to begin 2003!!   Loved the new beginning with Bottle Rocket and Max on harmonica on ISLO!!


Craig of MI…

Tim's keyboards sounded great (as always).  He adds so much to the sound and his singing voice is a perfect match with Max and Don.

Bruce was on fire with that guitar of his.  SSB was a huge hit and I like the way he lips "God Bless America" and points to the flag when he finishes.  But SSB is just a start...Inside Looking Out is such a great tune and Bruce continues to define it as one of his now.

Max was on the top of his game, covering the whole stage.  He even shook a few hands while he was boppin' around near the edge of the stage.  What a great entertainer and he now showcases yet another talent...he plays a mean harmonica during ILO.  I've always missed that part of the song, and now some of it is back.  Thanks MAX!

Mel had a new bass and was definitely showing it off!   He was smiling, laughing, up front with his foot on a monitor, over by Tim jamming, he was all over and obviously loving the sound coming out of that sweet black beauty.

Don as always blew people away behind his set.  He plays with such enthusiasm and energy.



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