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Reviews from St. Petersburg

November 10, 2002



Raymond of FL…

The Show Kicked Funkin' A** and Took The Names of Those Who didn't like the beginning, But were Converted by the end of the show.

During "I'm Your Captain/ Closer To Home", I took a look all around the park, All I saw was a sea of people singing the song, Young and Old they were singing.  I saw people in their '60's standing right next to youngsters.

...Bruce "OWNS" Inside Looking Out.  He has taken that song and made it HIS OWN.   Bruce was on right stage and he had everybody waving and yelling and he was giving notice back to the people that he knew.

What more can be said about Max?  He ROCKS and knows how to get the audience into the mood.  Max's voice was so clean and crisp, He had the audience eating out of his hand.

As for Mel......... Well, What do you say about a Man who is able to Move Air at the speed of sound in front of You??  I was standing 20 ft away from the stage and felt the air move forward and back when Mel did his "Inside Looking Out" lead before going back into the song.  I swear, if a kid had been blowing soap bubbles, Those Bubbles would be on the Moon by Now.  Mel is keeping up his Ranking as "God Of Thunder".


Rob of FL…

ISLO (Inside Looking Out) was one of the most smokin versions I think the band has played to date, much of it due to Bruce.   As someone else mentioned, Bruce really seems to be making GFR s lead riffs his own.

Max did a great job of taking a VERY large crowd of people (probably 15K plus) and swiftly bringing them into the palm of his hand.

Suffice it to say, this show was one of the best I ve seen from this band.



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