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The American Band


Reviews from Ft. Worth

September 14, 2002



Kurt of TX…

All I can say is that the show Sat night in FTW rocked.  This was the first time I saw the new lineup and it was great.

The band was great - I just loved it.

You could really tell these guys were having fun and enjoying performing with each other.

Go to a show!  You will have a blast.


Daniel of TX…

Let me just say this was by far the best GFR show I have ever seen!


Donna of CA…

The band was HOT!  The audience was WILD!  Texan's LOVE Grand Funk Railroad, there is no doubt about that.

Max Carl...  And what a voice!   Everytime I hear him I get a little more appreciation of just how great a voice he is.  No wonder he is so highly regarded and is called the greatest blue-eyed soul singer throughout the music industry.

You could really see the band was feeding off the energy of the audience.  When Bruce started playing the SSB and D.J. brought the American Flag out, the audience went nuts.  Texans are proud to be American's!  They also demonstrated the same energy when Don went into WAAB.



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