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Reviews from Muncie

September 6, 2002



Denise of MI…

GFR was nothing short of awesome!   They came out to a very responsive audience and took it and ran with it.

During SKY HIGH Mel started getting right down and dancing!  T- god had a full blown boogie going on up there!

Max was great.  Voice strong and clear.

Donnie......well... he is without a doubt the best entertainer around.  Period!


Janet of IN…

MEL. he was a ball of energy that evening, groovin' to the music, completely engrossed into the show. he was a delightful sight to see.

TIM seems to be such a happy character, and i believe he takes in everything positively.  When he wasn't pounding on his keys, he was clapping his hands above his head to keep the volume level of the crowd at a thunderous roar.

DON was his usual incredible hyper self, proving to every audience member that his legend is alive and well.  His drum solo was nothing short of amazing.

MAX was in tip-top shape, as well.  His voice is such a fine instrument.  Whether it's passion, energy, sensitivity, or fun, he gives each song just what it needs to tell the story.

RUUUCE... well, bruce is bruce.  Even with amp trouble and funky wiring with his pedals, bruce still entertained like the pro he is.  I just stood there at my seat, shaking my head in disbelief, as he can so eloquently reproduce the music he hears in his head and feels in his heart.  Is it any wonder he's my hero?

ENDLESS THANKS TO GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, whose talents and genuineness make waiting for a specific show more than worthwhile.  We will love you and your music, always.


Allen of IN…

Grand Funk had taken the stage, and they IMMEDIATELY had the entire assemblage in the palms of their hands.

I get goosebumps thinking of what it was like looking back over 10,000 (official estimate was that plus some) standing and singing and dancing and screaming and swaying and having the best times of their lives! was a GREAT sounding show, and the band put on a show that eclipses every show I've ever seen from Grand Funk Railroad -- old or new.


Lorie of IN…

I just LOVE those harmonies from Tim, Max, and Don on "Sky High" - gives me chills!!

Don's drum solo was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!  How does he make it better every time?? No one has a bigger smile than Don when he's playing!

Bruce's solo positively riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipped!!!!!  I'm surprised those strings weren't on fire!!

CTH/IYC - was a sing along for the crowd.  Max pours all his emotions out on that stage when he sings this song.   It really gets you right in the heart.

The encore of WAAB was a rousing end to a TERRIFIC show!!



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