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The American Band


Reviews from Springfield

July 29, 2002



Jim of AR…

The show was incredible.  The new intro is very cool.  It was my first time to hear Who Took Down The Stars.   VERY cool song!

They have really refined the Drum Thing and it's become one of the biggest crowd pleasers of the show.  People go nuts!!

Bruce's SSB (Star Spangled Banner) is flat out mesmerizing!


John of MS…

Tim Cashion walks out to the keyboard and starts a rumbling kinda thing and after a few seconds Mel walks out and joins in followed by Bruce and Don each adding their parts in kind.  Then we hear that all familiar phrase from DJ who is ever lurking behind the amps, Heres the group you've been waiting to see GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.  And the show is on.

Mel just killed WLAM (Walk Like A Man), Bruce's SSB (Star Spangled Banner) made my hair stand on end , Man what a player he is!

The sun is setting behind the stage and darkness is approaching and I hear a chord progression that I've never heard before and I know it's Who Took Down The Stars, as Max sings the refrain Bruce points out to the south west to one lone star (planet really) hanging in the darkening sky, Beautiful jesture.  I got chills all over of course.

...then on to SSB which Bruce just kills.  What I like so much about Bruce's version is the he keeps the tempo through out the song and it doesn't become a mess of unrecognizable feedback by the time he's through like so many others that have tried this (even Hendrix IMHO).  As the guys finnish WAMB (We're An American Band) in perfect time a really nice fireworks display begins from right behind the stage.  Man what a Cool ending to a great show with friends and family.



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