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The American Band


Reviews from Peoria

May 10, 2002



Steve of IA…

In March of this year I saw Grand Funk for the first time since 1970.  I knew at the end of that show I would not be willing to wait 30 days let alone 30 plus years to see this band again.  While it took approximately 50 days to get to another show, it was worth the wait and I was not disappointed.  I knew from the first show that these guys were the real deal and while it doesn t seem possible, the band is tighter and hotter than they were just 50 days ago.  It s clear by watching these guys, they really love what they re doing and love playing together.  This all translates into a great show for the audience in which the band truly makes us feel like we re more than spectators -- we are a part of The American Band .


Lorie of IN…

I love the new opener!!!!!! Really draws the crowd in (as if we needed it)!

The band was sooooooooo ON!!!!

Max was his usual charismatic self.   All over the stage, working up the crowd (as if we needed it......).  And the crowd LOVED the "Drum Thing".  Not sure how many had ever heard it before, but they were into it - howling w/ Max, laughing at the lyrics...

Tim, Max, and Don on "Sky High" - simply mesmerizing!!

I wish we all had jobs we loved as much as Don Brewer loves his!!!!  There is NO ONE BETTER!!!!!!  People love his drum solo just as much the 20th time as the first.  The crowd roared when Don came out in his funky hat and fur coat to sing SKOW, as well as his cape and hat for WAAB.  What a showman and a professional!!

Bruuuuuuuuce!!!!!  He never ceases to amaze me!!  I absolutely love what he does for the song "HeartBreaker".   Gives me chills!!!!

The band finishes up with CTH/IYC.   You'll notice that "reverance" is the word everyone uses to describe Max's delivery of this song.  There is NO other word to describe it.  As Tim's keyboards ring in the opening notes of the song, Max stands in front of the drum riser, eyes closed.  Max truly understands what this song means to so many people and he gives it all of his respect.  He feels this song in his soul.

Cape flying in the wind, Don comes out to get WAAB started!!  The crowd gets even wilder!!  Whatta show!!!!!


Rick of MO…

Remember the old question "Will it still play in Peoria?"  I can assure that Grand Funk Railroad can and did.   WOW  What a show.



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