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The American Band


Reviews from Pompano Beach

April 27, 2002



Rob of FL…

Max's voice was as strong and clear as I have ever heard him.

Bruce was on fire.  He really played to the crowd, bending WAY over to play right into the audience and throwing picks to everyone.

Don was the star of the show.  He didn't have a lot of room on the riser to maneuver like he normally does but his solo was perfect.   Even from the cheap sand, where we were located, the crowd loved Don and he showed why he has been on top for 30+ years.

"Dr. Tim" from the University of Miami got a huge ovation.  Nothing like cheering on the local guy!

And my man Mel, for being ill, showed little effect of his tummy virus.  His bass solo was better than I heard from him when he wasn't sick.   The God of Thunder never lets me down!

The crowd was VERY into the group.  More so than I have seen at any other show.  The drum thing had everyone dancing around, and there were more fists pumped in the air to the beat of the music than I have ever seen at a GFR show.  It was amazing to watch.  Max had the crowd doing some sing-alongs and it was incredible to hear all the voices in unison.  The beach was alive with the sound of music.  Everyone I spoke with afterwards showed me it wasn't just me that was "wowed."  There was not one naysayer in the crowd.  To a person, all said this was one fantastic night.  As I spoke with folks, their raspy voices belayed the fact that they had been singing their hearts out.  It was just that kind of show.


Mark of FL…

In my humble opinion last nights Pompano Beach show was one really tight performance.  It was one of those concerts that you leave saying "man was that a good concert"!


Rob of FL…

THUNDEROUS is one of the words that come to mind when thinking about last night's show.  They were hitting on all 8 cylinders.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; GO SEE THIS SHOW! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!



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