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Reviews from Sloan

March 20, 2002



Tom of IA…

The band’s rendition of "Rock and Roll Soul" drove home to everyone in attendance that Grand Funk Railroad was here, back and better then ever.

…every time I hear the band do "Heartbreaker" it seems to get bigger and better with every show I attend.  The very large sounding and well-orchestrated introduction to this song MAKES the song in my opinion.

"Walk Like A Man" was a real crowd pleaser and Don sang it with ease.   His voice was as strong as I’ve ever heard it

"Sky High" is a song that every time I hear it, I get shivers down my spine because, to me, it is one of the finest new songs I’ve heard.

"Inside Looking Out" was just plain funkified-nastiness (that’s a good thing)!  They laid into this song like nobodies business and I’ve never heard Max sing it as well as he did this evening.

After ILO, Tim laid into this HUGE orchestrated sound.  A wall of strings if you will, and they were off and running into the newest addition to the GFR catalog, "Who Took Down The Stars!"


Steve of IA…

I was a bit skeptical of the new line up when I initially joined this board.  That skepticism went from 90% to about 20% when the band released the promo video on their web page.  From the bits and pieces I saw and heard, I was very excited about seeing these guys perform.

Well, after seeing the band Wednesday there remains no skepticism in me.  I do, however, have something else in me now...the desire to see these guys again ASAP.   They put on an outstanding show that was so much fun.

In summary... great show !, great people !.  I think most people on the list have seen the band and already know this, but for those of you who don't, these guys are the real deal.  They all are such excellent musicians and the chemistry is really working between these 5 guys.


Mike of MO…

…it was nice and tight, the guy’s had it together.

There was one part of the show when Bruce was throwing picks out and all of the kiss fan’s where going wild trying to get to the stage to get one.  The young man beside me flew out of his seat, over the front row and was there like grease lightning, and yes , he got a pick.  I was totally awe struck.



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