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The American Band


Reviews from W. Palm Beach

March 9, 2002



Al of FL…


… GFR are going to make a surprise appearance on the Bob and Tom's radio show.

They go wild when GFR is announced as the special guest.  They all rush to the stage as if someone was handing out $100 bills.

… Bruce starts out with the SSB and Don walks out with all American cape and hat and waves the American Flag.  By this time the crowd is going crazy!!!!

The dance space in front of the stage became full and it remained that way throughout the evening until GFR played their final note.


Jimmy of NJ…

...the curtains opened while Bruce smoked The Star Spangled Banner....hundreds of people who had headed for the food stands in back, rushed back to the stage and seats....everyone was standing and cheering…

...then as Bruce finished, Don walked out on stage with the cape and the crowd (thousands) goes nuts....then they break into WAAB...they finish to THUNDEROUS applause…

The crowd ate them up, there was a dance floor up front that was full all night.


Shock of DE…

The guys did there usual kick butt show and the crowd was eatin' it up.

The new introduction is great and it sets the tone for the show.

Bruce's rendition of SSB was piercing the crowd and they loved it.

Max owned the crowd with his charm, Tim was putting on a show himself behind the keys, Don was on fire behind the drums, and Mel was having a good time and pumped the expo center with his bone shaking playing.

It was a very good show.



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