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The American Band


Reviews from Bernalillo

February 24, 2002



Ken of NM…

GFR is the hottest classic rock show on the road right now!!!!!!!!!!!

The place was packed and I suddenly realized I'm not the only GFR nut in New Mexico!

Max didn't leave anything to chance, he immediately came out and got the crowd into it!

The set list was the same as Indio's and by the time they played Heartbreaker everyone was standing and singing.

Don's energy level is amazing and anyone can tell he puts his all into each and every show!!

The American Band came to New Mexico and left many people very impressed!


Ralph of MS…

I have NEVER seen a crowd into a concert like this one was (and I have been to a couple of GFR shows, LOL).  The head of the tribal council told GFR that they were welcome back and would be back ANYTIME.



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