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The American Band


Reviews from Indio

February 23, 2002



Linda Sue of CA…

…the intro is different. I like it!

I got to hear the new song for my first time!  I liked it, and so did everyone around me!!!

The crowd was loud & responsive & just having the time of their life.


Dean of CA…

Let me tell you these boys can rock!  The crowd was loud, and you could tell the band was loving it.

Max Carl has a great voice and he knows how to get the crowd going.  Bruce, what can I say, this man was ripping up those chords, especially when he played "The Star-Spangled Banner".  It sounded great.

Over on the left side of the stage, you had Tim whaling away on his keyboard smiling ear to ear, and next to him you had Mel plucking away on his bass.  He truly is the god of thunder and a great guy too.

In the back you have Don!  Mr. Brewer if you please.  What can I say but this man should be a politician because he knows how to work a crowd very well and does not miss a lick on those drums.


Joe and Luann of WA…

The crowd was very excited and you could tell they were happy to be there and to have a opportunity to see the boys!

Mel is truly the god of thunder!  You could tell that both he and Don were in heaven.  You can really tell they are happy to be on the road again! I have to agree, that Tim is truly the wizard of the keys!!

They sounded incredible, once again.



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