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Reviews from Hallandale

January 12, 2002



George of AL…

Don's on top of the world, he smiled during the whole show and the crowd response was awesome.

…Bruce is really opening up to the crowds.  He really played to them yesterday.

Max is just unbelievable, I'm still amazed at his voice range.  Max really knows how to perform for the crowd, what a showman.

Mel cut loose on his bass yesterday.

Tim's vocals with Don and Max on Sky High still gets to me too.

The guys came out after the show and signed autographs for over an hour.  The fans went crazy and there were some young people, young 20's at best, just going crazy, yelling you guys are ten times better than Zepplin, it was great.


Shock of DE…

The electricity was flowing on stage and threw the crowd.  These people wanted Grand Funk Railroad music and were ready to "Party Down".

They were very responsive to the band and did not need to be coerced into standing and dancing. "The Place Was Rockin' ".


Daryll of FL…

Overall, the flow of the show and the line up of the songs worked well.  It was a little different from the last show I saw.  The addition of the Star Spangled Banner had everyone standing at attention.


Rob of FL…

Another KICK ASS performance by the Funk yesterday at Hallandale!  The band sounded tighter and rocked harder than the previous two times I saw them.


Stan of VA…

The band put on the expected kick-ass show we've come to know from this line-up.

The crowd was very responsive to the band and eager to boogie.

…the official police estimate of the crowd this year was 7,000 to 8,000.  I'm told that this crowd was bigger than last year.  Seems the fans have learned that this band is kicking ass and taking names, and they want more of it!!

Once the show ended (the crowd wanted a second encore), a huge crowd stayed around buying everything in sight and waiting for the band.

The fans went nuts!!  Yelling, screaming, reaching, and pressing more and more on that fence.  These fans were crazy about GFR!!  It was absolutely wild!!!   Wonderfully wild, but still wild!!  If this is a taste of things to come, fasten your seat belt guys!!

All in all, it was a good show.  The band was "on", the weather was perfect and the crowd was into it.



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