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The American Band


Reviews from Yakima

October 5, 2001



Alex of AZ…

This is an exciting time to be a Grand Funk Railroad fan. The guys are a well-oiled machine. I can't wait to hear more new material. Today's GFR is anything but a washed-up oldies act...

The new and improved lineup is such a pleasure to experience. They are incredible-- a very tight unit.

For starters, the backbone of Don and Mel is nothing short of amazing.

Don's ability to be a great drummer, singer, and entertainer is impressive. He's a great leader.

Mel is the rock-- the guy who is responsible for the full sound that makes Grand Funk Railroad a respected trademark…

Max is the soul of the group. An incredible voice, creative songwriter, and a real stage presence.

He (Bruce) is a hard rock guitar player who adds a lot of credibility to the present lineup as a viable hard driving rock band and a lot of panache.

Tim is another amazing find. His backing vocals and keyboards compliment the music so well. Tim really completes the spectrum.

The crowd especially enjoyed hearing Bruce's performance of the national anthem and Don's "We're an American Band." Grand Funk Really is America's Band.

The band drew a capacity crowd. There was a good amount of overflow standing outside watching and also a packed beer garden watching.


Phyllis of OR…

I have to say something about Bruce, besides the fact that he is a phenomenal guitarist and plays the National Anthem with more emotion than I've ever heard from a human voice! He's wonderful to watch.

Boy we had a great time. Best show I've seen so far.



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