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The American Band


Reviews from Portland

September 7, 2001



Russell of OR…

WOW! What a night!

The "new lineup" really pulled it off! Max & Bruce compliment each other as well as the band perfectly. Tim was flawless on every thing he touched. Mel's bass was pure thunder, and far the hardest working drummer in modern history.

The crowd was whipped into a frenzy, as was evident by the four or five bras and panties thrown up on the stage.

How they bring it all together HAS to be seen & heard. It CAN NOT be "told".


Jimmy G of NJ…

Sat. night GFR rocked the waterfront in front of about 8-10,000 fans.

The set played was great...the new song..."Sky High" is has that funky GFR beat and I think this song can be a potential hit.

The crowd responded enthusiastically with chants of "Grand Funk....Grand Funk!!!"



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