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The American Band


Reviews from Cedar Rapids

September 1, 2001



Rich of IA…

The sitting crowd almost immediately became a screaming, panting, standing crowd, and about 10 minutes before the show started someone started chanting, "Grand Funk Grand Funk Grand Funk". The crowd went wild. It was obvious that the majority had come to see our boys. Then the band hit the stage and the crowd, of course, went primal. Let me tell ya, Grand Funk was their thang.

There were 3 young men in their early teens right beside us and they were loving it… They were awestruck.

The band was on that night, my friends. They were great.


Rick of MO…

By the time GFR hit the stage you couldn't hardly even move your arms as people were packed in like sardines. After the band started playing it relaxed around there somewhat as people began dancing and getting with it.

Max's voice was right on target and the harmonies superb as usual. Max was also working the audience masterfully.

Bruce literally shredded the crowd. I watched the faces of many around as Bruce was playing and several never took their eyes off him. When he started Star Spangled Banner I looked around me and peoples mouth were hanging open in awe of his mastery of the guitar. When he was into the solo on Inside Looking Out. I would swear there was drool dripping everywhere. He had the audience by the throat and everyone staring in awe.

Don is the ultimate drummer. He had the crowd worked up from the opening chords. The crowd was really into the TNUC drum solo.

Mel's bass was a rumblin so much you could almost see the stage shaking.

The camaraderie of this band is self-evident; they are having fun on stage and it shows. They are a team and the energy on that stage is abundant. The talent this band has is beyond comprehension. It was a truly amazing show.


Tom of IA…

Overall the band was in top-notch form. Everyone looked like they were feeling good and boy did they kick some royal behind.

My God Bruce gets better and better every show.

Tim was up in the mix and I noticed how wonderful his playing was.

He (Max) was on it! Rollin Thunder brought the house down, as did Second Chance. Sky High was the real kicker though, I watched people dance and groove to the new GFR tune, like it was a #1 hit on the radio, which I personally think it could be!

Don s drum solo was amazing and on the big screen it made it amazing to watch. He becomes absolutely possessed during that solo, you can see it in his face and his whole body. He owns the stage and everyone watching during that 10 minutes of time.

Mel played an amazing bass solo during ILO! He never ceases to amaze me.

The band has done something different with the vocal arrangements, as they sound bigger, fuller and there are parts being sung that were never being sung before. What a sound, almost angelic in nature!

After stampeding the crowd with IYC and WAAB, they headed off stage, only for a moment to finish up with Rock and Roll Music, the crowd was absolutely in a frenzy by this time and they could have played Chopsticks and the audience would have loved it!



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