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The American Band


Reviews from Louisville

August 18, 2001



Lorie of IN…

The BEST GFR show you've seen is the last one... and I tell ya - this show ROCKED Kentucky!!!!!!!! (anyone get the seismograph readings??)

All the guys were ON (when are they not??) There was a bit of a runway at the front of the stage that Max made good use of. It was LOUD... the bass and drums were shaking the whole stadium!!!!

HEARTBREAKER has not been one of my fave tunes - until I heard Max sing it. He sings that song w/ such soul and emotion - he really draws you in - same with SECOND CHANCE. Simply mesmerizing!!!!!!!

Tim's keyboards were smokin' tonight!! Is there sound he can't make from that machine?? WOW!!!

Mel was a rumblin' all night - you could feel the concrete vibrating thru your feet!!!!

Don Brewer is AMAZING!!!!!!! He smiles through out the entire show - there is so much enthusiasm in his playing!!!! His drum solo really gets the crowd going.

Bruce - **sigh** -what can I say... I am still just blown away by his playing!!! HEARTBREAKER is wonderful!!!!! Bruce has made ILO his song - that solo - OHMYGAWD!!!!!!!!!! I don't want it to end!!

I tell ya folks - if GFR is going to play near you - GO GO GO!!!!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!


Ray of VA…

I've just gotten up after a great night of GFR at the Kentucky State Fair, and I was mesmerized!!!

GFR rocked Louisville!!! WAHOO!!! I'm psyched!!!


Rex of IN…

Airplanes flying into the United Parcel Service hub at Louisville International Airport behind Cardinal Stadium were knocked off their flight path this evening by Mel Schacher's thundering bass and Don Brewer's bombastic drumming. No fatalities have been reported, but Louisville will never be the same.

Great show. Let it suffice to rocked.


Allen of IN…

Those guys are amazing, and that word beggars the description needed to explain what a show that was, or what kind of people that are now comprise Grand Funk Railroad and its extended "family."

The reviews everyone else has written during this tour were dead-on. These guys ROCK!!! I never, ever, ever enjoyed Inside Lookin' Out like I did last night! OR Heartbreaker. Max and Bruce do indeed make those songs their own. I wanted to cry when they played I'm Your Captain.


Janet of IN…

The show in itself was simply amazing. The crowd was very large, and from NOTE ONE they were TOTALLY into it!!! Every time I turned around, people were on their feet, clapping their hands, and dancing... and they gave the band several standing ovations throughout the show. It was GREAT! I was really proud of the turn out and response the GFR boys received.

DON BREWER simply amazes me. I'm starting to wonder if i will ever stop being ASTOUNDED by his talents.

MEL... the little guy is the strong silent-type off the stage... but ON STAGE, he has quite a different persona. the man in black defiantly stands still, hiding behind his dark sunglasses... yet strong emotion and passion thunder out of his bass.

MAX lives and breaths music, and the pure joy he receives from it is quite evident when he's performing. What a GEM we have in MAX CARL.

REVEREND TIM had so much fun on stage Saturday night! His talents are such a fine addition to the band...

BK (Bruce Kulick) was in prime form Saturday night as he rocked Louisville pretty hard! "Heartbreaker" was sheer perfection... "Star Spangled Banner" was right on... and "Inside Looking Out" was downright near mind-boggling.


David of TN…

All of the guys seemed to be at peak form and feeling good and having a good time and turning back to look at the crowd all I could see was hands clapping foot stomping and people swaying to the music and that my friends is what Grand Funk Railroad is all about.


Don of KY…

LOUD music. POUNDING music. Music that hits you right in your crotch. And I have to say, it was all that. It was a truly awesome experience.

And that "Rollin' and Tumblin'" thing was just over the top. It needs to be on the next CD. And that version of "We're An American Band"...YEEEOWWW!!

What a solo it was. Every drummer should have to listen to it and learn it.! Donnie hasn't lost a step since he played it the first time.


John of MI…

GFR, again, were on the mark! The crowd was in awe! People were singin’ and cheerin’ like there was no tomorrow! GFR Rocks!

Soul. THAT is what causes GFR to be the band that they are. They reach down and touch your soul. Not too many of today’s bands can say or do that!

It is like a religious experience. You don’t just listen; you feel it where it counts, in your soul. No other band that I have seen can cause that feeling. Have you seen one? GFR ROCKS!!! Plain and simple.



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