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The American Band


Reviews from Van Wert

July 28, 2001



Angela of IN…

I think that is what impressed me the most is that these men "rocked" on only a couple hours of sleep and looked well rested! I guess that's why they call them "professionals"!


Jerry of OH…

Our guys came out Rockin', And it was LOUD ! The sound was awesome.

Mel Schacher is truly the God of Thunder. You could hear that Bass Guitar so good that it just blows you away listening to it. Mel is the Master of the Bass !!!!

Don Brewer was on fire all night. His singing was the best I think I've ever heard him do,Live. And on the drums he was AWESOME.


Smitty of OH…

They took the stage like gangbusters and played like the true professionals they are.

Bruce's guitar licks were excellent; and he wowed the crowd with his Hendrix-esque rendition of our National Anthem.

Tonight, Don showed me why he's considered one of the FINEST R&R drummers of our generation.



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