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The American Band


Reviews from Ft. Dodge

July 27, 2001



Tom of IA…

I stopped taking pics and listened and watched as I saw this band of musicians turn into a ball of fire before my eyes.

"Sky High!" People if this is only a glimpse of what GFR has in store for us, we have got a winner here. Max and Don's new song is, in my humble opinion, a hit song!

I do believe I also heard the most beautiful version of Heartbreaker I've ever heard.

Inside Looking Out couldn't have been more cool! It's a whole new song, just like I think GFR is a totally revitalized band.

… about Rock and Roll Music being an encore. They kicked into it, and I watched all 6000 people in attendance just jump up and down, dance, boogie and have an all out good time.

This IS Grand Funk Railroad, they are a new and improved GFR, they all look connected at the hip and are brothers on that stage, they are turning songs by Max into GFR songs, and they are writing new material and performing one of the tunes, which means, GFR has a future!!!!!


Rich of IA…

There were people from 12 to 70 in attendance and let me tell you., they loved it. Everybody, and I do mean everybody, was singing along. This is the best response I have seen a band get in a very long time.

Max had the audience in the palm of his hand.

And Mel. Let me tell you. He was out front and driving that thunder right through my chest. Wow!!

And Heartbreaker. Max was da man. The emotion he put into that one had me literally in tears.


Rick of MO…

The crowd roars and cheers as GFR starts into Rock & Roll Soul.

We had people as young as 6 or 7 to people in their 60's maybe even 70's boogeying their behinds off to the music being created.

Looked to the other side of me and noticed some teenagers getting with it also especially during "SKY HIGH". The crowd loved it and roared with their approval when the song was over.

When the band began the intro to TNUC and Don started his solo, the crowd went wild.

The crowd was really into the band and when they started SSB/ILO the crowd roared again. Bruce had the audience in the palm of his hands and he knew it. Mel also done his solo during ILO and again the crowd roared.

When WAAB started the crowd went wild when the fireworks display began during the first chorus.



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