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Reviews from Lansing

July 21, 2001



John of MS…

Bruce did a longer intro for ILO Mel did a little bass extra on it too. Too Kewl! Both nights Don was on fire as usual!! I can't believe the energy that this man emits during a show. Max grabbed them and led them through a Rock and Roll Hurricane and gently left them where he found them, to meander back into there everyday lives confident in the Knowledge that they had witnessed the best concert they will ever see.


J.R. of MI…


People, this is THE GREATEST BAND OUT THERE RIGHT NOW. NOBODY- and I mean N O B O D Y - can beat GFR on stage at this point in time.

Max Carl has found his place on stage with this band. The crowd there was SCREAMING when he got done with Rollin' and Tumblin'. And the band NAILED IT.

You shoulda seen the TEENAGERS JAWS drop…

Don Brewer put on another clinic in percussion work…


(Mel) The God of THUNDER made his presence known to everyone within sixty two city blocks…

Never in my life have I seen a GREATER SHOW…

They've arrived. Get your ass on the train, will ya??? The ride is TREMENDOUS.


Craig of MI…

 The familiar intro starts and chills run down the spine. The crowd is on their feet, all 15,000 of them. I don't know what happened to all the chairs they were sitting on during the T-Birds, but they were gone.

The Star Spangled Banner waved brightly under Bruce's fingers. He was crankin' and ILO was unbelievable. I'm not sure but I think he may be out to show people, "Hey you, I'm Bruce Kulick and I'm gonna kick your butt with my guitar!" He's adding his own touch to these songs and let me tell you, IT'S A GOOD THING!

I love Heartbreaker with Max and Bruce sharing some guitar licks. I especially love the way the song "ends", then they kick it into 3rd gear! The crowd just goes nuts. It's great!

Tim… He is such a great addition to this band!

What can I say about Don, he was AWESOME! The crowd just got off during the solo, which runs right into Drum Thing.

Sky High was a hit.

This was GFR at it's best. I don't know how they can ever perform to this level again, but I would suggest you go see them just in case they do!


John (Guerne) of MI…

Then I turned around and see 10,000+ smiles, that's when it really hit me. What it all boils down to, the bottom line: GRAND FUNK RAILROAD ROCKS!

If you have any doubt, see for yourself and you be judge and jury.


Stan of VA…

"Sky High". This song is great, and it fits perfectly into the set. It *is* a GFR song in that it's a funky rocker with great vocals and enough guitar work to remind you that some guy named Bruce is around, too.

…SSB and ISLO. I can summarize my feelings on this combo by saying that Bruce now *owns* these two songs…

As far as ISLO goes, Bruce is just *killing* this song! It's a lead guitar freak's song, and Bruce is among the best of the best. It's no surprise that he simply *drills* this song and obviously enjoys doing so. If ever a GFR song was designed for Bruce, this one is it.

As the show progressed, the estimated crowd of 15,000 never sat down, and the band never let up.

What kind of impression did Grand Funk Railroad make on the good citizens of Lansing? My bet is they all left the venue thinking "how great that band is", "these guys are still rockin' hard after 30 years", "I really like that new tune", and "where's the next show?".

I have seen the band deliver the goods on two consecutive nights to two different crowds in two different circumstances. Based upon what I have observed first hand, I *can* tell you that Grand Funk Railroad is seriously kicking ass and taking names. If there are any doubters out there, get your fanny to a show and see for yourself. My bet is you'll say I'm more right, than wrong.



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