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The American Band


Reviews from West Branch

July 20, 2001



Ralph of MS…

The best damn GFR show is always the last one you went to.


John of MS…

The guys came out Friday night late 10:30, before at least 6000 bikers and killed em.

Tim is four feet from me and let me tell you "The Reverend" Kicks Ass. This man knows Keys!! And He's having a ball too.

The harmonies are just terrific!

The crowd has packed up as close as they can get and abandoned the huge bleachers in the back. They are an older crowd and they are boogiein' down. As I said before its loud here and still I can here the crowd singing the songs, just Funkin' unbelievable!!

I'm hearing Sky High for the first time, a mid tempo rocker, pure New Funk. I loved it and even though the crowd had never heard it by the end I could see them singing the chorus. I was ready to weep. I became aware at that instant that A new and incredibly energized Grand Funk Railroad Has arrived. And they are going to Kick your Ass when you see them

Bruce is simply a Master. Max explodes with energy and is everywhere. His voice is very distinctive and rich. Fantastic!!

Then I hear the National Anthem begin and one of the sweetest renditions that I've ever heard flows over my being… Most incredible.

…the hoisting of the American Flag and the guys explode into an electrifying version of AB and the crowd follows suit. The guys come off stage and take a breather while the crowd is begging for more and after a few minutes return to slay them with there killer version of Rock and Roll Music…

After a slow farewell the guys leave and we follow leaving 6000 slain rock and roll victims wondering out with there butts in there hands.


J.R. of MI…

The boys hit the stage, HARD. About six thousand bikers and their babes crowd around it, EVERYONE knows the words, and the party is ON.

(Bruce) What a guitarist. SPECTACULAR musicianship. A great showman, too.

GREAT SHOW, guys. Loud, rockin', GRAND FUNKIN' the way it oughta be.


Stan of VA…

…people crammed themselves into the field in front of the stage. The crowd was packed like sardines crowding the stage, and they were getting into every song! This crowd was really into Grand Funk! And, they wanted all they could get, and they wanted it up close and personal!!

Mel's bass was absolutely rumbling throughout the stage and vibrating anything sitting on it.

We got to hear Bruce do the SSB for the first time. Awesome!!!

All in all, these weekend bikers absolutely loved their dose of Grand Funk. We rolled out of the campground well after 1 AM knowing that GFR had delivered the kind of show these folks expected.


Rob of TX…

The place went nuts, NUTS, I tell ya! Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces, dancing bodies, and people singing along with every song. Everyone had crowded down into the open area and were busily engaging in some full tilt boogie-style get down ROCK AND ROLL! Courtesy of THE American Band. The band was ON!

During Bruce's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" these bikers gave him the fist-in-the-air Harley salute.

You can feel it when they play, the energy and synergy that was the trademark of Grand Funk in the very beginning. This band has got it, and got it in spades.



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