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The American Band


Reviews from Del Mar

June 30, 2001



Pat of CA…

GFR opens can of funk ass on fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s my story and I'm sticken to it! The Del Mar show was just that, fast, loud, and to the point!!!!!! I must tell you that this fan was well taken in!

As you can see this is the real thing! People get your tickets, jump on board or get out of the way!!!!!!!


Al of CA…

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD KICKED SOME REAL CABOOSE. They sounded great and Max came close many times to sounding a bit like Mark. Don was just awesome on the skins as usual. He's the best. Mel of course, just magnificent on bass. Bruce played a great lead guitar. Tim also played great keyboards.

"Closer to Home" was great and another long version of pure live ecstasy. "We're an American Band" sounds better live and they played great. This "lightning and Thunder" bit was different, but was extremely awesome.

They just sounded extremely good.


Mike of NV…

By showtime the place was wall to wall people.

The sound was again excellent.

Things seem to be heating up, you can just sense it. I can't wait for things to break loose.


Brother Kelly of CA…

The band fired up and you could tell immediately it was going to be one of their stronger nights, not that they are ever not strong, but they sounded especially focused and ON.

It was obvious they were having a great time and so were we. There was a definite connection between us and them.

…after the concert he told me "I AM IMPRESSED! That Bruce guy is brilliant. The new singer is every bit as soulful as Mark ever was. Now I think the new blood in the band will help them go to the next level."



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