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Reviews from Henderson

June 23, 2001



Mike of NV…

Before Grand Funk hit the stage people were already lining up along the rail up front. It was fully dark out when Grand Funk took the stage. They did just that, they 'took the stage'. In my opinion the band has an entirely different stage persona, and it's really something to see. It's a kick ass, have fun, Rock & Roll party vibe they send out and they deliver a thumping, hard, hard dose of Rock & Roll.

People were packed up front like sardines…We never sat back down till the show was over.

Tim does a fine job on the keys and adds allot with his backup vocals/harmonies.

Max as has been mentioned is a real showman. His vocal range is amazing.

Bruce, now I know what all the buzz is about. Max and Bruce have transformed Heartbreaker into a masterpiece.

Don must have taken a power nap because he was really fired up. He was drenched with sweat after the first song but never let up.

Mel *is* the God of Thunder. The trademark driving bass sound is back up front and so is Mel.


Greg of CA…

This was my second date with the "new" GFR. This show did indeed blow away the Brea show a few weeks earlier. Great sound (could hear the keyboards this time), fog machine in full force.

Everyone on their feet throughout.

This band is indeed HOT!


Jim of AZ…

All I can say is WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL MEL TO PUT THE SLEDGE HAMMER DOWN. Man talk about a Visceral Gut Punch. That Zon bass really packs a whollop!

Bruce Kulick. He approach to the lead riffs is piercing and hard. His new intro's to Heartbreaker and Inside Looking Out are great.

Max Carl…is a great singer AND he adds another instrument to the mix, be it guitar or keyboards. It really fills out the sound alot.

Tim Cashion…does a fabulous job with the keyboards and singing.

Don was Don, very energetic and happy.


Joyce of LA…

…Rolling Thunder, but I have to say it was a highlight for me. To be honest, I thought it was all very sexy and primal having them all up there banging on the drums like that, and I found it very... um... stimulating.

…Bruce kicked butt on ILO…

Max's voice fits the songs well…

So, you can add me to the list of those who love the new GFR. The band played with so much energy and they enjoyed themselves. There are times when you can tell a band is just going through the motions… This band was not just going through the motions. I did not feel any boredom or anxiety coming from the stage. What I felt was a professionalism and a respect, and what I saw was a very good show.


Craig of MI…

Don was incredible behind his kit. Despite the heat, his drumming was incredible.

Max was excellent. He has such a great voice. His stage presence was excellent as usual…

Tim continues to impress me… On stage his keyboards add so much to the mix. His opening to CTH is especially noteworthy as he really gets into this song. Don and Mel sure knew what they were doing when they recruited this guy.

…even though they don't have an orchestra, they have Tim at keyboards which is the next best thing!

Bruce was Bruce! It's all pretty much been said about this guy. He just rocks and there's no stopping him. He might be in the middle of the most incredible lead riff and he'll just point out to the audience, give a smile and keep playing. He surely has the audience under his thumb. His rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was an obvious hit among the Vegas crowd and he put his all into it. If you haven't seen it yet, just this song is worth the price of admission.

…my sister Cathy. She told me afterwards that it was probably the best concert she had ever seen.


John of MI…

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD DID IT AGAIN! Thousands can attest to that, all who were there in Henderson, Nevada on that warm, sun-drenched day.



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