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The American Band


Reviews from Stockton

June 22, 2001



Sacto Patti of CA…

The 9pm show kicked some serious rock and roll butt peeeeeople!

Crowd was absolutely awesome for this show...made for a great energy feed and exchange for the band, I could tell.


LindaSue of CA…

Max is all over the stage, giving the audience a performance to remember. He's such a good showman.

Bruce has such a "cool" attitude. The one thing we ladies LOVE is how he sees us in the crowd, nods and acknowledges us and gives a smile. There's such a magical connection when that happens, and we ladies never forget it.

Tim is set back a bit from the crowd, but he keeps his body swaying, head nodding, grinning and does his fair share of acknowledging the crowd, too!

I'm just so blown away by the "family" feeling of GFR and their fans.



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