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The American Band


Reviews from Brea

June 3, 2001



Randy of CA…

GFR just rocked Brea like it's never been rocked before!

The place was full and the crowd was *really* into it.

Bruce…I think he just nailed the Hendrix style version of The Star Spangled Banner and really had the crowd going with it. Then to follow up with Inside Looking Out was killer.

At the close of the show the announcer came on stage and said that this was by far the best turn out ever in the history of the Summerfest. Hmmm ... I guess it makes a difference when you invite GFR.


Greg of CA…

Well, I finally got to see the "new" GFR. Kind of like a first date. Spent the evening observing and determining whether I wanted to go on a second date. They definitely rocked this little venue in the parking lot of the church. The crowd was packed and crazy about these rockers. It takes a little getting used to seeing this new line-up do these songs but they definitely "rocked the hell" out of these songs. THIS IS THE WAY THAT THE GFR SONGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED!

The new line-up completely pulled off ISLO and IYC/CTH. After the singing parts of ISLO Max and Tim left the stage and Don, Mel, and Bruce jammed as a 3 piece. This was loud and mean just as it should have been.

IYC/CTH was perfect. Max's voice sounded great and the whole crowd was singing this one.

Max is great up front. Really knows how to get the crowd going. His voice, although a bit more raspy (in a soulfull way), works great with GFR.

The crowd was really into it as I have heard others say about other shows.


Dave of CA…

GFR came out of the gate kicking major ass!

Mel is just all over the place…

Don, well what can I say that hasn't already been said about the drummer's drummer? First class performer all the way!

Bruuuuce what an amazing guitar player…

And Max a great singer who knows how to get the crowd going…

More and more people started standing up and cheering the Band on and by the end of the show everyone I could see was on their feet.



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