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Reviews from Reno

June 2, 2001



Donna of CA...

...the new line up was exceptional.

"I am in love with Max Carl!"  He is a very, very talented musician and vocalist, and has a great stage presence.

I don't remember seeing Mel this happy (or LOUD!) at any of the Reunion shows.

Bruce Kulick is my new guitar hero.  This guy is so awesome that he is the only person besides Stevie Ray Vaughn that can play Hendrix and get away with it.  And cute!

Tim's vocals and musical talents really fill out the sound.

Don was, well what can I say about Don?  The guy really loves his fans, and he is always in top form.

The show was electric, and you could really feel their excitement in the audience...

IMO, the new GFR is the best GFR I have seen yet.


Patti of CA…

The musician's on that stage were incredible.

Bruce…always played that guitar true from his heart and made the music intense for an entire show.

Mel, Don, Max, Tim and Bruce really gel up on that stage...a bunch of great musicians.

From what I know of Mark's vocals, I really think that Max invokes a similarity that brings credibility and enjoyment for old and new fans alike. He's a very good front man also. Mel had me feeling the floor shake from the git-go! The clarity of that Don's voice...well, I know he's been around for awhile and those pipes still rock big time. I think that Max, Don and Tim complement each other so well in the vocal department.

I really enjoyed seeing the GFR fans get into this version of the band. A great crowd that night.

The group's performance in Reno was a great one...I truly enjoyed myself.


Jimmy of NJ…

…in a totally rocked.

During the sound check, little pieces of the ceiling were falling lies!!

Bruce and the Star Spangled Banner....WOW!!!

The crowd rushing the stage during SKOW and Closer to Home...

The sellout crowd of 1600...



Ralph of MS…

Once again by SKOW everybody was up and crowding us in the front (no one is going to beat us to the front!). All and all it was a fantastic show. The band had the crowd in their hands and the crowd responded as they should.


Phyl of OR…

We all got a kick out of the fact that the band rocked so hard that stuff was falling from the ceiling and the speakers. We knew it was going to be a great show.

Every single moment of the show was special to me. I was so impressed with each one of the guys - separately they are some of the most incredible musicians I've ever seen, and when you put all five of them together it's like the old saying: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Eventually the area in front of the stage was covered with singing, dancing people.

Of all the impressions I had of the band that night, the one that stands out most in my mind is that they looked like they were having the time of their lives. The energy they expend on the stage is almost scary! It's a wonder they have anything left to give when the show is over…


LindaSue of CA…

WOW! What a show! They exploded onto the stage with such energy!

Max's voice is awesome.

I've never seen Mel so happy!

All the guys have great talent & energy.



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