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The American Band


Reviews from Kansas City

June 1, 2001



Rick of MO…

The band literally kicked major booty and took names.

As usual the show began with the theme to 2001 A Space Odyssey the crowd began to roar in anticipation of the opening song. Max's voice was right on the money, Mel's bass was booming, Don's drumming was exceptional, Tim on keys was perfecto and Bruuuuuce had everyone in attendance literally awestruck with his mastery of his guitar.

There were several skeptics in the audience near me, thinking that the band couldn't be any good without Mark Farner. By the time the band had even gotten to the Locomotion, everyone was up on their feet, boogeying their butts off. Those that were skeptical are no longer.

…when they put the spot light on Bruce and he started playing the Star Spangled Banner, every one was on their feet and cheering loudly. I could hear chants of Bruuuuuce, Bruuuuuce from all around me and it continued until he had finished the solo from Inside Looking Out. The crowd was really pumped up for it. When the song was over chants of Bruuuce, Bruuuuce were still being heard amongst the cheers and ovation being given him, I was amongst those chanting and cheering. To see the astonished looks upon peoples face was amazing. Bruce had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Several of the skeptics in the crowd that I had spoken to earlier turned and gave me the thumbs up. I mouthed back I told you so.!!!!

After the show there was a reporter interviewing several of us about the band. He was asking if we thought the band was better, the same or worse than with Farner. The reactions that I heard were from some of the skeptics, that had sat near me. Each and every ones reply was that they were BETTER. These were people that had seen GFR perform in the 70's and some that had went to a reunion tour concert in 96-98.

Grand Funk Railroad truly rocked KC last night, Missouri is the Show Me State, as some of us have to have things proven to us. We were SHOWED big time, this band is indeed BIGGER and BETTER then EVER. Period.


Michael of KS…

I loved the sound of the new tour set…

Don has never been better on the skins.

Everything was tight and came off great.



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