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The American Band


Reviews from Cleveland

May 25 , 2001



"Dr" Chuck Stevens…

"Cleveland Rocks!" Max Carl from Grand Funk stated last Friday night. "Were an American Band", Remember that? Being from Ashtabula and growing up with Grand Funk, watching many a "Midnight Special" or "In Concert", or seeing them quite a few times that phrase is etched in every Grand Funk fans mind.

Let me start by saying I was either performing at, or watching some of the greatest reunion shows in Rock & Roll history and I had no reservations of covering this concert when I heard about Grand Funk playing live in Cleveland and based on the VH1 Behind the Music performance I was ready to witness one of rock & rolls greatest concerts in the area.

Those who were in Cleveland witnessed a classic show, and probably one of the best sounding concerts they ever heard. Grand Funk performed last Friday at the Topps Great American Rib Cookoff. From the opening "2001 a Space Odyssey," to the closing "Rock & Roll Music," the band was dead on and the sound system from my backstage and onstage positioning was immaculate.

Here is a question for you to ponder, why do you never hear classic Grand Funk songs on the radio with the exception of the few classic hits unless they are in town for the concert but they still sell millions of copies of their albums every time they are released? Radio programmers take note please (unless you’re in syndication like most are now with NO input), Grand Funk's music is timeless.

Grand Funks' streamlined set brings back the glory of the arena rock days while taking us into the future. Music pouring out of every speaker in the area set the mood. As I said I was not hesitant because I knew that

Grand Funk was armed to play their classics, and they shined.

"Closer To Home / I'm Your Captain" was amazing and Bruce Kulick just smoked on the National Anthem ala Jimi Hendrix. Grand Funk went to the archives on us with "The Locomotion," and "We're An American Band" was incredible. Being that the band was only 1/2 mile from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame marked this night a historic one. It was visible that the band was happy with the crowd and did not want the show to end.


Smitty of OH…

Bruce added a Hendrix-style guitar solo version of The Star Spangled Banner. As much as it may be cliche' to do this around the federal holidays, Bruce acquitted himself beautifully with this piece…

Don's performance of TNUC was exceptional last night. The crowd cheered him on as the solo progressed and he responded as only he can. Don demonstrated that he's not just an excellent drummer but also a dynamic stage presence and entertainer.


Craig of MI…

I think I got to hear Max's voice better at this concert than at my previous two.   He sounded great. He really worked that Cleveland audience too!

Don's solo was awesome. Bruce really cooked all night long and Mel was all over the place again thumping my chest with that bass. Don, smiling all night long, kept the crowd wanting more. Tim's keyboards rocked the house.

The Star-Spangled Banner blew me away.

They just keep getting tighter and tighter.

GFR - this train is rolling and picking up steam.


J.R. of MI…


There wasn't ANY ROOM LEFT TO FILL. Both the side areas were full, and out in the vendor areas nothing was happening because GFR, DA BADDEST BAND ON THE PLANET, was kickin' Cleveland's ass and takin' names, man. And these guys KNEW they were getting a show and a half, too. THEY LOVED IT.

Max was everywhere, right on his game. Picked the audience up, stuffed 'em all in his pocket (AGAIN), patted 'em twice on the head and just proceeded to take 'em for a ride. Women swooned. Signs appeared in the crowd. Max got HUGE cheers for "Second Chance" and "One More River To Cross". "ROLLIN' AND TUMBLIN' went over JUST FUNKIN' HUGE, same as in Akron.

Tim was right up in the mix…and was CRANKED UP for the show. He's really becoming a GREAT SHOWMAN in his own right...

Don is just having soooooooo much fun here, rippin' his rolls and fills, bashing his cymbals, SMILING EAR TO EAR, just singin' his heart out…

AGAIN, a spectacular show by Don Brewer, as usual...

(Mel) He's bouncing, he's walking around, he's struttin' his stuff, muggin' for the camera, you name it....the man is PLAYIN' HIS A$$ OFF...

Mel was ON FIRE, that bass was MASSIVE *WHOMP* in yer face from all sides....and DOMINANT, like back in the 'old days'. It's in your face, smackin' yer head, just kickin' yer butt, MEL RULES PLANET EARTH ONCE MORE.

But the surprise of the nite came right before ILO (Inside Looking Out).  All of a sudden Bruce is standing there alone; looks out, and just launches into THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. WHOA, BABY. Got a chill right then. AWESOME. The crowd EXPLODED into an incredible roar when he finished.

Train's pullin' out, better get on board while there's room, it's soon to be FULL UP…

FIVE STARS, each of 'em had a G R E A T show.

To sum it all up in one word? YOWZA!!


John of MI…

The more times I see GRAND FUNK RAILROAD perform, the tighter they become and the more fun they seem to be having.

The Star Spangled Banner was a hit! Kudos to Mr. Kulick.

I cannot say anymore than * GRAND * FUNK * ROCKS *!!!!!!!

A new generation has been touched by what we have known for decades. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD is a band for all the people. No gimmicks. No dance moves. No flash pots. Just a pure, soulful feeling. Pure talent.

For those of you who are out there doubting the validity of what is said on these pages, be your own critic. Go see a show. See what we are speaking of. Then tell *ME* that you don't want to do it all over again! AND AGAIN!! AND AGAIN!!!!



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