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Reviews from Robinsonville

May 18 , 2001



Paul of MS…

The crowd was really rocking and into the show from the start.

I was absolutely amazed! Go see this band.

This is the tightest, most talented version of GFR ever.

…an incredible show.

Don't hesitate when it comes to seeing this band. You will regret it if you miss this GFR Express!!!


Jim of MS…

When Grand Funk Railroad took the stage, the rumble began and the earth began to shake!

It was great show and everything clicked.

This crowd was INTO this band. It wasn't too far into the show that the crowd was pushing up against the stage.

Max's voice was hitting on all cylinders. I swear, if there is a smoother, more soulful voice I want to hear it! Max can carry all the old GFR material and then some.

There were MANY new converts last night. Before the show, I talked to several people that were apprehensive about Mark not being there but were willing to give it a shot. During and after the show, I looked for them and they were JAZZED.

It was a PERFECT performance.


George of AL…

Any of you ever been to something that you enjoyed so much that you just stand there with this silly grin on your face. I was going to say S@#$ eating grin but don't want to break any list rules :). Well Last night that was me.

All I got to say is.........WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

What talent, Bruce blows most away, Max what a talent, Guitar,

vocals, flute…and what he does with that bass drum is great. Tim is great on keyboards.

These guys click…


John of MS…

Sam's Town was one of the Best! These guys came to the delta and Rocked!!

I saw a number of KISS and Union fans come in. Two in particular came in wearing KISS shirts, and as I was leaving the hall I got to talk to them for a second and before I could ask they both exclaimed "Absolutely Great Show" while giving two thumbs up…

…I haven't seen very many crowds here stand and boogie as much as they did Fri. night.

The guys were perfect Fri. night. Just perfect!

This band absolutely IS Grand Funk Railroad no if ands or butts about it Period!!!!


Shock of DE…

The show was great as usual with the crowd going wild during the popular material. I think the crowd truly enjoyed Bruce's guitar work the best.


David of TN…

…the show Friday night in Tunica was wonderful.

I must admit I had reservations…I am happy to report that to tell the truth I think this is the best that I have heard them play.

There is new magic being made with this new line up that is more than worth the time to see.

This is a great band…


Kerry of AR…

I have never heard a group perform without the original lead singer in place that "sounded right." That is, I never had until Friday night! "NOTHING BUT A PARTY!"



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