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The American Band


Reviews from Richardson

May 12 , 2001



Mike of TX…

…we're talking the largest in festival history, and the beer lines are 30 minutes long. Much of the crowd can't even see the band--but there are large screens to project the performance that help out nicely. They go in to action as the sun goes down. The crowd was probably 25k. Huge.

Mad Max: This guy is an awesome talent. I would put him as the number one talent at the show--past Mike Reno, Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston and even our original boys...who are all very solid and wonderful talents. But pound for pound--nobody outdid Max Carl last night--and those in the crowd seemed to take note--I heard all sort of "wow, these guys are good" and "wow, this guy is like the Steve Perry thing, he's better than the original"

Bruce Kulick: Clearly a solid axe man.

Vocals were awesome--rich harmonies and Max was clearly the star. To Farners credit--it took two guys, very talented men, to equal him. But what they gain are guys that are on their game TODAY--which gives the band a future. The band is a player for the future, clearly the crowd was "Schached" by the amount of talent coming from "the LocoMotion Band"


Ralph of MS…

During ILO (Inside Looking Out) I walked to the side of the booth and could see Tom Johnson (of The Doobie Brothers) standing back looking at the screen of Bruce. He just stood there not making a move as if transfixed. You could almost see the wheels moving in his head, "HOLY S#$T, I'VE GOT TO FOLLOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Rob of TX…

He (Mel) was having fun and getting into the music, not just playing the same patterns he's played for 30 years. The guys were into it and relaxed, and judging from the crowd response between songs and during the show, the audience was loving it.

…he looked at Bruce in awe and said, "Man, this guy can play!"

…told me afterwards that the concert Saturday night was absolutely the best concert he had ever seen or heard.

"Rollin' and Tumblin'" I like a lot of course, being a drummer, but then judging from the crowd reaction to the piece nearly everyone else liked it a lot as well.

After Bruce's intro to "Inside Lookin Out" I expected to see the Richardson Fire Department rolling onto the scene.

Another high point of the evening was the opening of "I'm Your Captain". Tim played the opening orchestration of that piece with a richness that I've not heard before, and I loved it. You could feel the electricity ripple through the crowd as they recognized the song. It was like a wave of energy.

I remember one woman in particular who was wanting information about the tour schedule so badly that she couldn't get the words out fast enough.

I'll put this live band up against anyone's live band - anywhere.

…the show was clearly a huge success.



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