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Reviews from Hallandale

March 10 , 2001



Rob from FL…

I was at the Hallandale show today. 1 word...f**in' awesome!

…they were very tight, and BK (Bruce Kulick) was right on!

GO SEE THIS SHOW! You will not be disappointed!


Shock from DE…

Kulick ABSOLUTELY! tore up Inside Looking Out and had the place rockin’, Max's Second Chance and One More River were true crowd pleasers. Mel was loose as a goose and was having a great time. Don was on fire, as usual.


George from FL…


I must agree this NEW GFR KICKS ASS!!!

…this band is the REAL DEAL!!! Multi-talented musicians like none other. I cannot wait for the band to get the new material out ASAP.


John from MS…

This Band Kicks Ass!!! Grand Funk LIVES!

Bruce just Slaughters ISLO and all the others. Bruce does rule!!

Mel was out in the mix much like the early days and you can hear that great old Buffalo Fart once again!

We all have talked about how Closer to Home has brought us to tears on occasion. Much to my surprise Second Chance had the same effect on me at this show. A Great song!

I haven't seen Don and Mel look so happy in years.

Go see them when you get a chance!!



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